17 de juny 2015

Flower time exhibition

The flower time exhibition takes place in Girona every year at the beginning of the spring. This year was the 60th edition. All the gardens and places in Girona are full of flowers. There are a lot of tourists from all around the world visiting the exhibition.

On the 14th of May the students of 1st ESO went to visit the center to interview the foreign tourists and practice French and English. We thought that it was very difficult but it wasn’t. The tourists, in general, were very kind but some of them were unkind too. It was  a very interesting experience because we could practice French and English and because we had a very good time together. It was a success! 
Paula Melero 1r B  
On Thursday 14th May the classes of 1st ESO of the high school Santiago Sobrequés  i Vidal went to the flower time exhibition to interview foreign people who could speak English or French. We divided us in different groups and in different zones. The objective was to interview 6 English people and 6 French people.

Our group could finish the objective but some groups weren’t so lucky. We were lucky because we went to “La Rambla” and we could interview people who were in the cafés and they couldn’t run away. Lots of people congratulated us for our English level. It was difficult to find English people but most of them answered our questions and it was easy to find French people but some of them didn’t want to answer our questions.

We had problems to distinguish Catalan and Spanish people to foreign people and, because of that, we had to excuse us to lots of people.

As a curiosities we can say that a woman from Florida took us a photo and that we had to recommend some places to go to lots of people who were starting the visit.

Although we had some problems it was a success because we could practice English and French like if we were in its countries and I’d really like to repeat this experience next year.
Albert Majó 1r A ESO

Last Thursday, the students of 1st ESO visited the centre of Girona because we wanted to interview some French and English tourists. Now, l will tell you some funny things about that.

We interviewed a group of French tourists, and when we asked them where did they live, they started telling us their postal code and we didn’t understand anything. Then we said: -“Yes, yes...” pretending we understood them!

Another time, we started asking some questions of the questionnaire to a French couple and another group of 1st ESO of our highschool were walking near us, and they were waiting for us to finish to interview the same tourists; the French lady said: -“Go away, go away!” (“allez-vous, allez-vous!”).

We also interviewed another couple. We asked them if they spoke English and they said: -“Yes, we are from Venezuela and our mother tongue is Spanish, but we speak English too”; and we said: -“OK, it doesn’t matter! Let’s start with the interview! 
Maria Comas Rodríguez 1A

Last day we went to the Flower Time Exhibition in Girona to talk with English and French people. The group A went to  “ LA RAMBLA”, the group B went to the Cathedral and the group C went to “ ST PERE GALLIGANTS”.In general the pepole were very kind but some people were a bit unkind.

The first girl we interviewed was from China, but she studies in Barcelona.She told us that we spoke  a very good English and she was very happy because we interviewed her. Then we found a couple that they told us that they had a house in Girona but they lived in the UK and the boy loves Girona. I loved this excursion. And the next year I want to repeat it!
Carla Iglesias 1r ESO

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