11 de gen. 2015


The EEYP is an organisation which has as main objective teaching students about what’s going on in the European’ Union thraugh debating.

At the start of the EEYP the students are divided in committees of their choice, such as; Constitutional Affairs, Internal and External economics, Infrastucture, etc. Once the committee work has started the members of it look for flaws in the current system while they write a resolution on them and propose their own solutions.
I.e.: “We believe that the EU has too much power . We reduce it.” -Committee Constitutional Affairs.

The students usually work for 4 to 5 days with their committee. On the last day they get to meet an expert on their field, the so called “Meet the boss”. Another use that this experience has is that it helps you having an external opinion and helps you by having another point of view (different from yours mostly).

The last day is the day for which every sigle committee has worked, the General Assembly day (GA day). During the GA every other committee attacks your resolution. During the debate 4 speeches are done, Opening speech, in which you explain yours topic; Attacking speech, another committee attacks your resolution to get everyone to vote against; Defending/Rebatte speech, the proposing committee (yours) defends, or tries to, the resolution -with the paints that have been attacked previously -; and the last speech is the Clasing speech, it is done after the debate and it is used to spum the points that have been brough up during the GA.

To sum up, the EEYP is based on debate and knowledge. Om cooperation and hard working.

Adrià Castillo Niell

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